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Hello and welcome to: BURTON ELECTRIC CO formerly ALOHA ELECTRIC INC.

We are Electricians in Vancouver Washington. The first 20 years of my business primarily 80% residential but now it has shifted to light commercial, tenant repair services, residential remodeling, replacing service panels, AC & Furnace installation, spa’s, in home inspection repairs, replacing energy efficient outside and inside warehouse lighting fixtures after 44 years in the trade it appears nothing has slipped by me.

Hiring many individuals and teaching them the electrical trade. Several have gone into business themselves after starting with me. In fact the Chief Electrical Inspector in the State of Washington Steve Thorton. His first job as a electrical apprentice was hired by me.

Recent works include wiring of dental clinics, restaurants, a dance studio and many other jobs.


Roger Burton

Our hours of operation are 24/7 and the area that we serve is north to Castle Rock and east to Stevenson, WA.

After 50 years through changing economy’s We must be doing something right!

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